Est. 1978

The farm was purchased by Danny & Ellen Grant in 1978. It all started with one small produce stand on the side of the road. Greenhouse by greenhouse, then location by location, the business expanded. Today, Grant's has three locations. Danny and Ellen still work on the farm along with their daughter, Leah Grant. We grow all of our own plants to sell at our three locations with our incredible staff.


Meet The Team

Danny Grant

Farmer, Vegetable guru, train fanatic, and founder of it all.

Ellen Grant

Head Grower, sweetest person on the planet, top transplanter, and married to Danny.

Leah Grant

Oversees all locations, Danny & Ellen's youngest child, thrives on efficiency, travel enthusiast. Contact Leah for wholesale orders.



Has managed our Milford Garden Center for 11 years, can run an entire greenhouse by herself, customer favorite, and can do cart-wheels anywhere/anytime.


Fixer of all things, delivery driver, customer helper, usually jamming out to his own music creations.


Leader of our 131 store, can run laps around anyone of any age, and insists upon top quality at all times. 


Will not stop until a customer finds exactly what they want, always the last person to leave for the day, and usually has a basket full of snacks. 


Fan favorite, contains a tree and shrub encyclopedia inside his mind, geology fanatic, and frequent conversationalist.


Knows where everything is at all times, would give you her last dollar, saver of any unwanted plant.


Crafty, filled with good ideas, and always on the ball. Will help you with anything you need.


Vegetable guru, sower of seeds, herb expert. Ask Sheryl any vegetable specific questions you have (especially about unique/heirloom varieties)

(513) 625-9441

5552 Bucktown Rd, Williamsburg, OH 45176, USA

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