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Our Products

This page is from 2022 and out of date for the 2023 season. It is left here solely to give customers an idea of what we will likely have in 2023- not what we will have for sure. Updated lists will be posted in early April.


Annual Flowers

We grow hundreds of different annuals in an assortment of sizes. Prices vary by location, but at the farm the prices are:

Flats: $19.99

Hanging Baskets: 11" $21.99 or 12" $44.99

6-packs: $8.99

4.5" pots: $5.49

PW 4.5" pots: $5.99

8" PW annual: $11.99

For a list of what we grew in 2022, click here.

Vegetable plants

We grow a wide assortment of vegetable plants. We have an entire greenhouse dedicated to tomatoes, one for peppers, and one for an assortment of vegetables.

Flats: $19.99

Cell Packs: $2.25 (3 or 4 plants)

3.25" pots: $2.25 each

For a complete list of what we are growing in 2022, click here

Tomato Plant
Image by Jeanne Blanche

Perennial flowers

Every year we grow different perennials while still carrying the staples. We get our perennial starts (roots/plugs) from one of the top quality growers in the country. We have new varieties every year.

Our perennials are planted in 1 gallon containers or larger and start at $11.99. 1 gallon Proven Winner perennials (white pots) are $14.99.

For a list of what we are growing in 2022, click here


We grow nearly an entire greenhouse filled with herbs. We grow them in pots from 3.25" to 4.5".

Herbs are $4.49

For the total list of herbs click here

Image by Pille-Riin Priske

Seed & Supply

We sell seeds (the same seeds we use to grow our produce) and more! We sell bulk seed. We sell $2 scoops, beans for $4.99/lb+, corn seed for $19.99/lb, seed potatoes for $.89/lb+, and onion sets for $1.99/lb+. We also carry grass seed.

We also sell popular products we use ourselves such as bone/blood meal, fertilizers, tomato-tone, Miracle-Gro, and more.

For a list of the specific seed varieties we carry, click here.

Mulch & soil

We sell a variety of mulches and soils in bags. At the farm, we also sell some materials by the scoop. We have bulk mulch in brown, black, and red. We also sell top soil and gravel. We can deliver these bulk products to you. For delivery, we use our dump truck. The minimum delivery charge for the dump truck is $50 (If you are more than 15 minutes away charge is $75 minimum). Our dump truck holds about 10 yards. One scoop equals one (generous) yard. Bulk Mulch is $33/scoop, gravel is $30/scoop, compost is $35/scoop and top soil is $30/scoop. Top Soil/Compost is sold by appointment only and at our discretion. Top soil can only be accessed if we have had two sunny days of weather (if consistent rain we can not access). If you want a delivery, call the farm at 513-625-9441. 

New in 2023: we will no longer be delivering compost. We will only sell it by the scoop at the farm.


trees & shrubs: We carry a wide variety of trees and shrubs. we do not have an inventory list of our trees and shrubs, as inventory moves rapidly.

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