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What Would You Like to Know?



What are your hours?

Our hours change all throughout the year. Any time our hours change they are updated on Google immediately. 

Where are you located?

Grant's Farm: 5552 Bucktown Rd. Williamsburg OH 45176

Grant's Garden Center: 2115 S.R. 131 Batavia OH 45103

What do you grow?

We primarily grow annuals, vegetable plants, and perennials. We also have a great selection of herbs and nursery stock.

Do you do any fundraisers/plant sales?

We do have one fundraiser that we provide for nonprofit groups. We sell plant vouchers. To participate, you fill out a form, receive the vouchers in March, sell the vouchers to your customers, and your customers redeem the vouchers in any of our stores April through June for certain items. It is important to note this is not a gift card, it is a voucher for specific items. 

We do not do any plant sales. We do not deliver any plants. We generally do not offer discounts on plants in bulk. 

How do I request a donation?

We love to give back as much as we can. If you would like a donation, please fill out this form so we can keep track of all of the requests we receive and know a little bit more about you. 

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes! You can stop in any of our stores for a physical gift card or purchase one online here.

My plant died. Do you guarantee them?

No, we do not guarantee any plants at any time. Once the plant leaves the farm, all plant health is responsibility of the purchaser. We highly recommend utilizing online resources from credible growers. For those growing annuals, Garden Answer is an incredible resource.

Beginning in 2024 we will no longer guarantee trees/shrubs at all. 

Can I make a return?

No, we do not accept returns. Under certain circumstances we may provide exceptions, but all of our receipts state and signs by the checkout counter state that all sales are final and we do not accept returns/exchanges or give refunds.

Do you allow photographers?

Yes- we allow one photographer per day at both locations for a $50 fee. Photographers can have clients after store hours, which are typically 9am-6pm, 5pm on Sundays. You can come during store hours as long as you do not disturb customer shopping. If you are doing multiple "minis" you need to come after hours, but if you have one client you can easily move around customers so shooting during hours is fine. We start planting in March, but our greenhouses are at their best for Open House weekend and will continue to have a lot of blooms through the weekend after Mother's Day. There are still blooms in June, but once we get to July there is a lot less in the greenhouse. To reserve your time, please email and we will let you know if that time is available. Please let us know which location when emailing. 

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