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want to work with us?

read below to see if you would be a good fit!


The environment: our employees enjoy the people they work with and work for. We're a small family business and not a corporate environment. 



You receive an employee discount. And you'll probably end up with a "few" plants after the seasonal rush ends.


You remain active almost all day. It's a great workout and you will get a lot of steps every single day.


We are very flexible. Want to work seven days a week? Ok. Want to work three days a week? Ok. We can probably fit you in, just let us know what you're looking for. 


The work shifts are normal day time hours. We are flexible with working during/after school hours.


Our customers are great! You will meet a lot of awesome people in the community who are shopping for products they enjoy.


1. People who can be described as the following: Upbeat, positive, reliable, responsible, and hardworking. 

2. Available on weekends and willing to work

3. Must be a minimum of 18 years old (we will not consider high school students) 

4. Must be able to work full days (8.5-9 hours) three days a week or work a full 40 hours per week. 

Ready to apply?

Please see below for specific position openings. If we do not have any current opening with instructions on how to apply, but you are really interested in working here, please email to see what positions we may have available soon!

position openings:

Current position openings:

Please view the job description and application here: 2024 application. This is a paper application- please print it, fill it out, and drop off at either Grant's Farm or Grant's Garden Center (or email to If you do not have a printer there are usually copies available at Grant's Farm and Grant's Garden Center- stop in during business hours. 

Currently (late March 2024) we are looking for:

- We are primarily looking for full time individuals (40 hours a week) with Saturday and Sunday availability to work at both the farm and 131 for the season. We will consider part time individuals if weekend availability. We specifically need people who can operate an iPad as our point of sale. Please bring your application to Grant's Farm or Grant's Garden Center during business hours. 

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