we are hiring

want to work with us?

read below to see if you would be a good fit!

You love plants and people. You don't have to know anything about plants- we'll teach you! But you have to already love helping people.



You're not afraid of hard work. The job is physically demanding and we work in all weather conditions. Being on your feet and carrying heavy plants/trees/bags of mulch is much more difficult than it sounds.


You have flexible availability and are available on the weekends. Our store is open from 9am to 6pm most of the year. Our busiest day of the week is Saturday, closely followed by Sunday. That is when we need help.


You know how to use an iPad and are a quick learner. There is a lot of information to take in (and quickly). 


You are not worried about getting dirty. Most of our employees have spare clothes at all times. You will be covered in dirt and water by the end of the day. And sweat.


You would be described as friendly, hard working, prompt, dependable, reliable, and considerate. We have AMAZING people who work with us now, so our expectations are high!

Ready to apply?

If the statements above apply to you, we would like for you to apply! You should know we start most of our employees out at $9 per hour. If you come back from season to season, that is likely to increase. We reward hard work and dedication with increased pay.

You may pick up an application to apply at any of our locations. If you would like to fill in part of the application in advance, you may download the personal information pages here. There is more to the application, but this will give you a head start. Ask any employee for an application and they will be able to give you one.  If you are serious about working here, the best way to become employed by Grant's Farm is stopping at the farm location on Bucktown Rd. so you are able to talk to the owners. Otherwise, you may stop at Grant's Garden Center on 131 or Milford Garden Center when it opens in mid-April. If you have specific questions feel free to call us or email at support@grantsgreenhouses.com

specific position openings:

Grant's Farm: An individual to help operate our store Friday through Monday 9am to 6pm.

Grant's Garden Center: An individual to help after school and on the weekends (teenager/student), An individual to work full time this season (adult)

Milford Garden Center: An individual to help after school and on the weekends (teenager/student), An individual to work full time this season (adult)

If you are interested in working part time (two or three days per week) let us know as we may have an opening for you. Our season typically runs April through August.