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Grant's Farm & Greenhouses owns and operates three unique retail locations.

Grant's Farm is open year-round. In the winter months we sell straw, Ertl toys, and trees/shrubs. Seeds are typically available here in March. At the farm we have the majority of the vegetable plants. This is also the only location with bulk mulch/top soil.

Grant's Garden Center opens in late March. This location grows half of our annuals and carries half of our shrubs/trees. They also carry vegetable plants and seeds, although not as much as the farm. 

Milford Garden Center is open late-April through Christmas Eve. This is our smallest location, but we keep it stocked with a selection of all product.

Please click on the pictures below for more information about each location


Grant's farm



5552 Bucktown Rd.

Williamsburg OH

grant's garden cenTer


2115 S.R. 131

Batavia OH

Milford garden center


1025 lila ave.

milford OH

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