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Join us for a workshop to complete a combination planter! 


These spring workshops are a great way to have a blast while creating your masterpiece. You will not need to bring anything for the workshop, although some participants do like to bring gloves to wear. The selection of containers to choose from will vary workshop to workshop. I do not have the 2024 containers yet to show you, but I will update when I have them. We will have water/pop available. Feel free to bring any other beverages you wish. 


If you have a group of 10+ people and want to have a private workshop on your day of choice, please email Leah at 


If at all possible, please do not call with questions about workshops. The stores will not know the answers. Please email us at and I will get back with you.

Planter Workshop

  • In this spring workshop we will:
    - Teach you how to lay out your design using the "spiller filler thriller" method
    - Showcase the hundreds of annuals we have and categorize them so you can select your favorites
    - Explain our favorite plants and why (this helps for people who feel overwhelmed with all of the choices!)
    - Explain what plants do best in a container vs. in the ground
    - Display the newest plant varieties of the year for you to include as you wish
    - Help you layout your plants in the container and plant them
    - Explain how to care for your new planter to make it last the entire summer

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