Join us for a workshop to complete a combination planter! 


Come alone or bring a group, these spring workshops are a great way to have a blast while creating your masterpiece. You will not need to bring anything for the workshop, although some participants do like to bring gloves to wear. We will have water/pop available. Feel free to bring any other beverages you wish. 

Planter Workshop

  • In this spring workshop we will:
    - Teach you how to lay out your design using the "spiller filler thriller" method
    - Showcase the hundreds of annuals we have and categorize them so you can select your favorites
    - Explain our favorite plants and why (this helps for people who feel overwhelmed with all of the choices!)
    - Display the newest plant varieties of the year for you to include as you wish
    - Help you layout your plants in the container and plant them
    - Explain how to care for your new planter to make it last the entire summer