We love hosting groups for wreath workshops! All of our workshops take place at Milford Garden Center, where we decorate the entire greenhouse for Christmas. It also includes our train display and a small Christmas market with items for sale from local vendors. In our workshops, you actually create the wreath from scratch using three different fresh cut greens. We primarily use fraser fir, then white pine and cedar as accents. We teach you how the wreaths are made and then help you through the process. Usually smaller groups take around 1-1.5 horus to complete. A group of 10 takes around 2 hours to complete. 


We have a couple of options for scheduling a private wreath workshop:

Beginning November 20th through December 15th:

For groups of 1-10 people: We can easily host you in our wreath making area of the greenhosue any time you wish to do your workshop. Please let us know a time/date that works best for you! (seriously- we can do just about any time!) To schedule a workshop after the store closes (7:00pm on Sunday to Thursday (post Thanksgiving)) we would need a minimum of six people to stay after.


For groups of 10-20 people: We can host you any day Sunday to Thursday at 7:00pm. Our store closes at this time and you will have the whole store to yourself! If you are interested in doing a workshop November 20th through November 24th, we can host any group size, any time, any day.


*Keep in mind if you schedule a time during our retail hours there will (hopefully) be other customers in the store. This means there will be children running around the train layout and people browsing items somewhat near the wreath making area. I just want to make sure everyone is aware of this so it doesn't ruin the vibe you are going for if you are looking for peace and quiet.* Otherwise, if you schedule at 7:00pm the store will be just for you.


The only nights we can not host you are nights that we already have a workshop scheduled. You can see all of these nights on this page for private groups and on the other item in our shop for individuals to sign up. To determine if your date is available, please contact Leah by emailing Leah.Grant@grantsgreehouses.com or DM @grantsgreenhouses on instagram. You may also call the store and leave a message for Leah with the cashier at 513-248-4531.


Once your date is confirmed, you will see a private event on this page and all of your guests will sign-up/pay here. Workshops are $45 per person. If you have any questions or are wondering if we may be able to accomdate you at a time not listed, please remember we are very felxible so always ask!


Private Workshop

  • Store address: 1025 Lila Ave. Milford OH 45150
    Store phone number: 513-248-4531